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Robotics Director: Ethan Shannon – 

Our Robotics Team mission is to generate interest and develop skills in the fields of engineering, science and technology in our local community. We strive to be an open and inclusive FIRST Robotics team so that we are welcoming to all interested members of our school community. We strive to become involved with our junior high FIRST Tech Challenge team and build upon the experience of our elementary students who participated in the FIRST Lego League (FLL)

Here is what our robotics director Ethan Shannon had to say about this program:

“It is program where kids can go pro in. People can become pro at coding, graphic arts, engineering, and breed passions. It helps kids find their interests for the rest of their lives and allows kids an opportunity to show their work and more importantly, build pride in their work. There is a place for everyone within robotics, from coding to marketing.”

Our website: (this website also coded by students within the robotics program)

Team video:

Cramer and Garber Theater students enjoy a facility that is state of the art with new lighting, modern sound, a unique thrust that makes our audiences feel a part of the program. Students at Cramer consistently enjoy top ratings in forensics and oftentimes have the opportunity to audition for high school productions. The Garber High School musical tradition dates back to the 60’s with sold-out audiences. Love Fest, Garber High School’s festival of the arts brings in schools from all over Michigan to perform their One-Act Performance to our unique stage. This well-attended event is one of pride in the region.

Director: Chad Helmer – 


Director: Stacey Abbs –

Forensics is an awesome speech/drama competition program that Garber has been a part of for over 25 years at least. The main focus of the program is public speaking, presentation, & oral interpretation and learning how to command a room! The students work solo on 5-8 minute long speeches & monologues. In some categories they have to cut their own script or write their own speech. Other categories are improvised on the spot. There are also a few group categories that are 10-15 minute plays/skits. 

Director: Karly Laskowski –

Our band program 6-12 begins with like instrument classes in grade 6. These classes set the foundation and tradition of excellence that follows. For more than 10 years, our high school bands have received superior ratings for district festivals. As one of the biggest programs in the Great Lakes Bay Region, Garber High School Bands set a tradition that thrills audiences, adjudicators, students, and families. 

Directors: Jason Lewis – ; Tim Ormsbee –

Directors: John Bublitz – ; Lea Richard –

View our E-Sports page here for schedules and to meet the team

Director: Kim Wright –

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